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Shipping and Returns
1. To place an order it is necessary that you:
a) Make your registration offering to effect the requested information, including address, Phone Contact, Email;
b) Complete the information and choose the options that are available throughout the process "check out" (delivery address and billing, shipping method, payment method).

2. You can send your order through the buying process designated on the website above for "confirm" after having used the device online by selecting "Add to Cart" from the online catalog available .

3. The Customer's order shipping is equal to the full and complete acceptance of prices and description of products available for sale, as well as the general conditions of sale are the only ones applicable to the contract thus concluded.

4. The honor the orders received online only within the limits of available stocks, the lack of availability of the product undertakes to inform the customer as quickly as possible.

5. The is not responsible for any computer problem on the website.

1. Delivery of orders will be made through The services, and sizes supported by the client

2. The undertakes to deliver the ordered goods in the shortest possible time, not assuming, however, no liability for any inconvenience or damage inherent in the failure to comply with them.

3. To follow up an order in progress, the client must send an e-mail to services:

4. To estimate the total time to the receipt of an order the Customer must take into account that the date for beginning the count will always be the date of receipt of payment of the same.


1. The proposes to you the following methods of payment:
a) Bank transfer (in this case, the client must send a copy of the bank transfer to the e-mail: indication of the order number.
b) Paypal

2. The payment by the customer will be composed of the value of goods ordered, plus shipping costs, when applicable.

3. The products ordered will be shipped only after receipt of payment and good collection of it.

4. The employ every effort to ensure maximum confidentiality and security of data transmitted over the internet.


1. Product prices shall be construed in Euros. 


1. Any product purchased in site can be exchanged or refunded, provided you return it within a maximum of 15 days and for the purpose of contacting The services:

2. The return process is simple, varying according to the source, so the client must first contact The

3. The does not accept any returns sent with postage to pay or cash on delivery.

4. The undertakes to reimburse the Client within 30 days of receipt of the refund by check or bank transfer to account indicated.

5. Returned products must meet in perfect conditions of sale and use, ie in the same state as it came into the possession of the customer.

6. If the value resulting from the exchange of an order for products is higher than the initial value of the same, the customer will have to pay the difference, using for this purpose one of the forms of payment referred to in point payment.

7. If the value resulting from the exchange of an order for products is lower than the initial value of the same, or if the return, the customer may request a refund of the amount by bank transfer to the account indicated.

8. Items sent free of charge, in the form of gifts or bonuses will not be reimbursed.

9. The shipping and banking associated with product returns will be borne exclusively by the customer.
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